Unrivaled Quality

There are Cowboy boots and then…There are Linamas.

Low Pricing

Style and Quality Shouldn’t be Sacrificed for Higher Prices.

Country Pride

Off the Shelf or Fully Customized. Linamas Are Designed for Every Step of Your Journey.

Passionate Workmanship

Materials from Across the Border. Design, Craft & Fulfillment Right Out of Texas.

From Everything We Hold Close... To Your Family and Home

The challenge was to bring to you, a custom product, handmade with the quality, and attention to detail found in bespoke footwear, at a more affordable price point.

No longer should those with a large budget be worthy of such boots. As a result of that challenge, Linama was born.

Linama Boots

Must-Have Casual Linama Boots

Unbelievable Comfort for Horsing Around

Say Howdy the Right Way After Twilight

Compete in the Wildest Sporting Events With Linamas Built for Durability

These Boots Are Made for Herding

We are proud of offering not only a quality and handmade product, but also at the best prices possible!